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Housing Commission flatsIn March 2012 the Victorian Auditor General’s report Access to Public Housing was released. The report painted a damning picture of the state of public housing in Victoria.

The report highlighted problems such as the ageing state of public housing stock and the need for more diverse housing options to meet the needs of public housing tenants (eg rural and regional public housing tenants). It also sought to identify ways by which public housing could be made fairer and more sustainable.

The Victorian government is now seeking community feedback on the future of public housing and is promoting public discussion.

The Victorian Public Tenants Association welcomes public discussion and is holding a forum for public housing tenants in Bendigo on Tuesday the 3rd of July. The forum will be held at 11am at the Salvation Army, Gravel Hill Hall, 65-71 Mundy Street, Bendigo.

Tenant Advocacy Support encourages public housing tenants to attend this forum to find out more about the Housing Framework discussion papers and how public tenants can provide input into the discussion. The Tenants Union of Victoria and Tenant Advocacy Support will both speak at the forum and will be on hand to assist public tenants interested in contributing feedback to the Victorian government.

For more information and links to the Auditor General’s report, please visit the Victorian government’s Pathways to a new Victorian social housing framework.

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One Response to Have your say about Public Housing in Victoria

  1. Jenni 04/10/2016 at 2:57 pm #

    My Personal Experience:

    Accepting a property from the department of housing was ultimately to the death of my family. They assume a role of absolute power they cannot control and fulfil for the betterment of their tenants.
    They want and expect to know everything about you; how much you earn, your investments and savings, your medical condition (if you have one) and how it affects your daily existence, the number of kids you have, your marital status and honestly the list goes on and on. And when they assess your eligibility for a property based on all the info you provide, they have the audacity to say that if you don’t accept the property offer you are removed from the waiting list. There is of course the option of appealing that decision and this is where the fight began with us. We had to fight the decision that the property offer was not appropriate or risk being removed from the short list all together. In fact we fought and won two appeals against the housing department but we were cautioned that the next property offer, number 3, had to accepted or face the reality of our names put on a 30 year general waiting list!
    As expected the offer was inappropriate. They know my husband suffers from severe PTSD, depression and anxiety and medical evidence was provided to support him to be housed in a quiet location. So this property offer was literally meters away from a public car park, nightclub and commercial businesses! We were too tired to fight this offer after fighting and winning the last two appeals but accepting this property was as stated earlier, to the death of my family.
    I wont bore you as it is really depressing writing this, not to mention living through it but in short, we endured up to 50 call out visits from contractors during a fourteen month period as this property was in disrepair, and every night we suffered no sleep from loud ceiling noises. Imagine living with the medical conditions my husband has been afflicted with and the need to be housed in a quiet location but we have to live in a noisy environment and house. The lack of quality sleep tipped our young son over the edge as he self harmed and a year later, at the age of fifteen and half years he walked out and refuses to return.
    Yes, the housing department know of our young son’ demise and refusal to return yet they clearly don’t give a toss. The housing department consist of people who have no compassion for the needs and complexities of their tenants. Clearly from our experience, they are so far removed from reality and they show no empathy for those with disabilities. We are just a number and treated no less than one.
    We breached them and had the matter heard in court. It was a whitewash and we lost!! And in retaliation, they breached us with a fictitious complaint. It’s a shame the Victorian Government has stooped to such low levels for their own (vulnerable) citizens.
    I advise anyone who needs to have phone communication with the housing department to always record as they have proven to manipulate and lie to protect their backs.
    Has anyone else endured similar treatment by the Department of housing Victoria, if so we sure would love to hear from you!

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