Helping tenants with mental health issues

tenancy info sheetsIn our work we often encounter a disconnect between tenants’ ability to sustain a tenancy and real estate agents’ understanding of tenants’ needs. The problems that can arise are only compounded by tenants’ limited access to social housing. And tenants with mental health issues often need encouragement and support to consider the private rental market as a viable option.

In an effort to bridge this divide, Housing Justice has developed a range of information sheets to provide tenants with the information and skills they need. And we are facilitating mental health training for property managers to help improve their engagement with tenants with mental health issues.

The resources for tenants will help them to identify affordable rental options, help them to apply for suitable properties and show them how to avoid the kind of issues that might threaten their tenancy.

The information sheets take tenants through the practicalities, from signing a lease through to moving out and reclaiming their bond. Helpful checklists walk tenants through the tenancy lifespan, from preparing a tenancy budget through to making sure everything is squared away come the time they move out.

Our website also provides resources for property managers with contact numbers for relevant local services for tenants.

These resources have been developed with funding from Murray Primary Heath Network’s Partner’s in Recovery program, with input and feedback from Care Connect; DCK Real Estate Agents; Haven; home, safe; and St Luke’s Anglicare

For more information about this project, contact Housing Justice on 5445 099 or 1800 450 909.


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